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Intersection of science, engineering and technology producing machines that can substitute for humans and replicate human actions.

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Sayvy Global Tech is well equipped with automation robots that can reduced human effort, save time and increases efficiency in a given production environment. We provide sophisticated robotic solution to several business sectors in managing their production environment easily and with less human effort. Customizable robot comes very hand to adopt to any production environment and serves the purpose with all the essential efficiency.

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Drones & UAV's

Ever since the drones/UAVs came in to market, the use of drones have been relatively limited due to high costs. It has been close to a decade now that the significance of drones / UAV's have grown up due to drop in prices. Now drones/UAVs have become economically viable mechanism. These technology gadgets have become popular being quite similar to an unmanned aircraft that can fly autonomously via remote control and are widely used to enforce security, surveillance, deliver packages, survey no-man's land, save lives and what not.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are quick and efficient mechanical handling gear use to automatically transport heavy materials from one place to another. These systems use belts or rollers or ball transfer or chains or wheals or similar mechanism to move materials from one point to another. These efficient machines minimizes human effort, human error, potential workplace risks and optimizes labor cost. These commonly seen in the production units where objects or materials are in large in number that are hard or tedious for humans to move.

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Automatic Guided Vehicles

AGV's are automatic guided vehicles are portable robots that portable robot that follows wires, radio waves, vision cameras, lasers or marked lines on the floor for navigation. They are most often seen in warehouses, factories, production centers. These self driving and smart navigation vehicles serves the most in industry logistics applications to make the processes more efficient, cost effective and smooth. These days, AGV's are mainly laser navigated and used to transport multiple varieties of materials.

Robotics, Robotics Services in India, Robotics and AI solutions in India, Robotics and Ai, Drone, Conveyer System, automated guided vehicle

Pick & Place Robots

Pick and place robots are majorly used to enhance the process of picking up the parts from one location and placing them on to a new location. These automated robots will elevate the overall production rate and speeds up the entire process. Shifting heavy, delicate and sensitive products can be easily handled through these robots. These robots are very well customizable to fit the production business needs and used flawlessly to accomplish efforts that are either difficult or very hard for human to perform.

What we do ?

Sayvy Global Tech contributes competent services that covers all phases of the project life cycle from concept to completion: design, development, manufacture, establishment and technical assistance, as well as project management.
We adapt robots as per customer needs, modify its measures as appropriate to customer business, integrate several sensor or different robotic arms to make it more efficient.

Robotics have been one of the technology revolutions that has changed the way world needs to operate by evolving robotic solutions that are very customizable and adoptable to several business needs. With robotics, the business operations are made easy in many businesses such as manufacturing, security, healthcare, medicines, warehouses and so on.

We are having latest robotics solutions that can serve your business needs and reduce human effort as well as intervention.

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Robotics, Robotics Services in India, Robotics and AI solutions in India, Robotics and Ai, Drone, Conveyer System, automated guided vehicle

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