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Our vision is to develop extraordinary weapons design for knockout mission. 

Emerging trending technology oriented weapons engineering contributes to sophisticated and competent warfare equipments for defence. Fulfilling the needs of our defence clients with modern and classy outfit design of the weapons that stand out in the market. 


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Sayvy Global Tech is emerging global leader in weapon system designing that serves the customers trending warfare firearms requirements. We perform research on unique weapon designs and build workflows to design awesome visual impacting models of firearms across types.

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Armory Design

Combat warfare firearms designing include unique and specialized parts of the hand guns, pistols, rifles and assembling patterns with relevant components to define each parts with clear visuals and the final version of the assembled weapon represents high quality and attractive design visual that makes firearms uniquely built for a specific purpose.

Optical Design

Firearms optics and opticals meant for defence plays vital role in combining high tech features that is inbuilt to enable clear vision and data capturing from the sight position. Designing military Binoculars, Rifle Scopes, Night Vision Scopes, Monoculars, Night Vision Binoculars, Magnifier devices are far different from the opticals seen in the market.

Ammunition Design​

Munitions designing are really several types of bullet designs that meets the specification of a gun or rifle made for a specific purpose. The ammunition design typically describes the core parts it has, accuracy of its size or measures, types such as bonding, jacketed, solid, impacting position structure, tips and tails as well as structure it needs to be produced.

What we do ?

Technology, science and engineering advancement has been a big game changer in transforming military weapons and its use. Defence weapons designing encompass application of wide variety of technologies for use in warfare firearms. When we build several designs of parts of the weapons, its relationship with other components and the texture that represents natural look of the weapon, it gives a feel and visual of realistic weapon. 

The overall process of defining precise kind of lethal or nonlethal weapons involve quality, types of weaponries for use, accuracy of ammunition delivery, comfort use, spectacular look and in-line with military engineering disciplines. Our technology expert designers create various functional designs of defence weapons such as pistols, hand guns, assault Rifles, snipers, ammunition, munition magazine, optical product and diversity of Roscoe and firearms.

We are well versed leading organization with the expertise in building designs of very realistic and quality weaponries for defence purpose.

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