Artificial Intelligence Sayvy Cloud Suite Based
Thermal Cameras Solution For Fever Detection​


Monitoring of visitor’s temperature and speculate the effects of the COVID-19

Facing problem with Covid-19 Situation?

Temples, churches, mosques, hospitals, malls, and information technology companies, please contact us. Excellent solution by latest technology with thermal human temperature detection monitoring systems. with current technology, our products can solve entire problems in one solution.

What Sayvy Thermal Scanning does ?

  • Works with any thermal camera that complies with specified accuracy.
  • Boosts the hardware-claimed accuracy by implementing AI-powered statistical analytics (typically lower than ±0.5°C)
  • AI-based precise targeting of Region Of Interest (forehead)
  • It provides ML-based self-calibration (outliers).

Thermal Scanning – Body Temperature Detection SystemSayvy Thermal Scanning is an AI solution that can be used for detecting elevated skin temperature in high-traffic public places through quick multiple target screening.

We provide AI-based analytics, which, combined with a state-of-the-art thermal camera, enables continuous contactless and non-invasive accurate temperature monitoring. It can be used for preliminary screening in border checkpoints, airports, educational and government institutions, manufacturing warehouses, and hospitals.


health sector | airports | hotels | factories/manufacturing |  plants | residences | bus station | malls | metros | govt offices | schools|corporate offices| tech parks

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