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The fantastic journey of sound becomes effective when life is fed into it and the surrounding that dresses it up to give an impacting environment.

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Sayvy AV has been the empire of commercial audio and video solutions to large facility environment and public gathering facilities. Our solutions have always been aiming to give classy designing of commercial audio and video interiors that can accommodate large audiences.

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Auditorium spaces are designed to accommodate large audiences. As such, they tend to have wide spans and are multiple-stories high in order to accommodate seating, sightlines, and acoustical requirements. Raised stage/dais floors and special lighting equipment are often required.

Cinema Halls

We are also engaged in providing service of Multiplex & cinema hall interior designs. We undertake project for interior designing of multiplex & cinema hall for our clients. We efficiently undertake the complete process with the help of our diligent workers. Our experts design the ceilings in very innovative and stylish manner.

Pubs & Restaurants

While the food and drink brings people into a restaurant or bar, the overall experience is what keeps customers coming back. Sayvy’s comprehensive bar and restaurant solutions allow venues to differentiate themselves, delivering their perfect vision for every space.


The success of casinos, resorts, hotels, restaurants, lounges, and convention centers is directly linked to the guest experience. In order to enhance guest experience, hospitality services must create an aesthetically attractive, inviting, and exciting environment. Digital signage and modern, interactive AV solutions help to craft the kind of memorable atmosphere that customers expect and demand.

Places Of Worship

Sayvy Systems have over 18 years experience installing sound systems into places of worship/listed buildings. We design, supply and install sound reinforcement systems to suit the fabric of the building. This ensures minimal impact on the architecture and achieves natural speech reproduction so that the congregation may not realise a sound system is being used!

Open Air Theater

A common basis for the participants of a performance is the requirement for smooth theatrical communication, easy visual contact, as well as intelligibility and clarity of the theatrical message. The design of new open-air theaters goes back to the positive models of similar monuments that have been preserved in the contemporary urban plan.

What we do ?

We deliver impressive commercial audio and video design, installation and calibrate solution that best match to your commercial facilities. We bring your vision to life through eye catching background, foreground music. Our services spread to various facilities and areas such as enterprise conference rooms, business boardrooms, hotels and restaurants, auditoriums, cinema halls, auditoriums, hospitals and so on.

Tremendous experience being in the industry of commercial audio and video gives us extensive hands on exposure to high end solutions and consistently delightful customers. Our reach is wide spread to global presence and big business sectors in delivering quality solutions for multiple customers in the market even today.

You are very welcome to get collaborated with us to get Sayvy AV solutions to get rich experience.

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